Volunteer Corps Opportunities

ASCO Past President Daniel F. Hayes, MD, FACP, FASCO, along with ASCO leadership, created the ASCO Volunteer Corps with a goal of engaging diverse perspectives across the membership and providing additional flexibility for members to volunteer.

The Volunteer Corps is open to all ASCO members. For members that are rotating off a committee, the one-year off requirement is only for committee appointments and does not apply to the Volunteer Corps.

The current list of opportunities are listed below. Members that have already applied to volunteer can sign-up for any of the listed opportunities.  

ASCO Question Writing Group

The ASCO Question Writing Group is a team of ASCO members who work closely with ASCO staff to develop patient case-based self-assessment questions for ASCO-SEP and the ASCO Quiz Builder. Staff provide training and guidance on question writing best practices, while volunteers write questions based on their content expertise, then work together to review and edit the questions. All questions include patient cases, rationales, and references. Sign-up today

ASCO Daily News Writing/Podcast Sources

The ASCO Daily News is a suite of conference newspapers that includes physician commentary articles called Expert Editorials and Clinical Corners. The Daily News is led by a physician editor and associate editor, and has an editorial board that provides content suggestions and reviews. Volunteers of this group will be asked to write a column on a topic of their choice or a topic that has been suggested by Editorial Board members. Sign-up today

Journal Peer Reviewers Group

Journal reviewers enhance the quality of manuscripts submitted to ASCO journals by providing their comments and expertise. Sign-up today

Technology Research Group

The Technology Research Group can help ASCO gain member-user insight to existing and new technology solutions (websites, apps, etc.). ASCO is interested in understanding the perspective of how our target audience interacts with our products in order to design systems that offer more efficient, satisfying and user-friendly experiences for our members. Volunteers will provide ongoing feedback from the initial brainstorming phase through project launch and evaluation. Sign-up today.