Opportunities to Volunteer at ASCO

By volunteering, members can deepen their engagement with ASCO and use their expertise to benefit the field of oncology. ASCO offers its member base a multitude of volunteer opportunities. 

Committees & Volunteer Groups

Committees and Volunteer Groups provide insight to special activities and projects. Members serve on a rotating basis as volunteers on groups for which they have relevant experience.

ASCO’s strategic plan and diversity goals and initiatives include volunteerism as a strategic component in achieving our collective goals. These goals and initiatives are critical to ensure the intentional inclusion of varied perspectives of individual characteristics, experiences, and culture. Volunteers are generally required to be members and may hold up to three concurrent positions.

Volunteer Corps

The Volunteer Corps expands the volunteer program to engage  diverse perspectives and ensure that members interested in volunteering can find opportunities that fit their interest and available time commitment.

Examples of Volunteer Corps opportunities include:

  • Providing member-user insight to existing and new technology solutions (websites, apps, etc.);
  • Writing for the ASCO Daily News and ASCO Connection
  • Reviewing manuscripts for ASCO’s Journals