About Fellows of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (FASCO)

Formerly called the ASCO Statesman Award, the FASCO distinction recognizes ASCO members for their extraordinary volunteer service, dedication, and commitment to ASCO. Their efforts benefit ASCO, the specialty of oncology, and, most importantly, the patients for whom they serve.

ASCO Members are eligible to become a Fellow if they have accumulated 20 or more points for volunteer service to ASCO. Eligibility is limited to Active members of Society. Points are calculated using a point system.

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Benefits of Becoming a FASCO


  • Certificate of Fellowship
  • Use of the letters F.A.S.C.O. after your name
  • Special Annual Meeting Ribbon
  • Name recognition in appropriate ASCO Publications



  • Reduced registration rate on any ASCO Meeting each year
  • Yearly Invitation to the President's Reception at the Annual Meeting
  • Receive advanced access to Members Only Housing at Annual Meeting


  • One of its kind recognition among medical societies
  • Once conferred, the fellow status is a lifetime recognition of member service
  • A growing cadre of highly dedicated ASCO volunteers

How to Become a FASCO

ASCO Members apply to join volunteer committees to earn FASCO points.
Review Volunteer Opportunites on FASCO Volunteer Portal
Select up to 3 Committees to Apply to Join
Apply for Committee Membership
Receive Offer of Membership
Accept Membership and Agree to Policies
Volunteer on Committee
Earn Points for all qualifying service you complete
Earn 20 Points and become a FASCO!

How to Earn FASCO Points

ASCO Volunteers have opportunities to earn points through a variety of opportunities across the Society. Points are earned per year of service.

4 Points

  • President, Board of Directors
  • Board Member
  • Editor in Chief, JCO, JOP, Cancer.net
  • Committee Chair

½ Points

  • Associate Editor, Other Editorial Boards

1½ Points

  • Subcommittee Chair

1 Point

• Chair of Guideline Panel, Taskforce, Working Group, Advisory Group
• Deputy Editor of JCO    
• Associate Editor, JCO, JOP, Cancer.Net
• Editor in Chief, Other Editorial Boards
• Committee Member

⅓ Points

• Associate Editor, Other Editorial Boards
• Specialty Consultant/Editor
• Member of Guideline Panel, Task Force, Working Group, Advisory Group
• Member of Steering or Conference Planning Committee of an ASCO Small Meeting

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